Cop Who Body-Slammed Teen For Using Her Phone Gets Off Scot-Free

As it turns out, grabbing and body-slamming a high school student – for using her phone in class – is not a punishable offense.


Apparently, a clear 15-second footage showing a burly cop grabbing a high school student, half his size, by her neck and body-slamming her across the classroom wasn’t enough evidence for South Carolina solicitors to prosecute the officer.

As it turns out, Ben Fields, who infamously assaulted a black student of Spring Valley High School in Columbia in October 2015, for not putting away her cellphone during class, is not going face a single charge.

The decision came after an 11-month long investigation.

“In a 12-page report, Solicitor Dan Johnson said he found no probable cause to charge the former deputy, Ben Fields,” the New York Times reported.

Despite the video clearly showing Fields, who was fired last year, using excessive force against an unarmed teenager, Johnson drew his conclusion in Fields’ favor.

His decision, it is believed, probably was more influenced by the false statements made by one of the other students, Niya Kenny, who was present at the scene and recorded the assault. She acknowledged that she lied to reporters about Fields being known on the campus as “Officer Slam."

The girl who Fields body-slammed and Kenny were also charged with “disturbing schools,” a controversial misdemeanor that has a penalty of $1,000 fine or 90 days imprisonment in the county jail in South Carolina.

However, the charges against both the girls were dropped by Johnson.

According to the solicitor, Fields actions didn’t “rise to criminal conduct,” though his “manner” was not appropriate.

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