‘No One Is Illegal’ Projected Onto Stadium Where Trump Watched Game

As the president watched college football live in Georgia anti-Trump protesters let him know how they truly felt about him and his politics.

President Trump watches game.

Alabama may have been all over the news after Monday’s National Championship victory, but it was anti-President Donald Trump protesters at the game who truly stole the show.

While Trump sat inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta along tens of thousands to watch Alabama crush Georgia, members of different groups showed up in the cold rain to protest the president. Thankfully, they took their protest a step further by projecting what they were feeling onto the stadium walls.

Following reports that the president was gearing up to deport 200,000 Salvadorans, groups projected “No one is illegal” onto the stadium walls. But that wasn’t the only message they wanted to pass on to the president as “F*** Trump” and “Medicare for all” also made appearances.

Some of the organizations that were present included ResistNow, the NAACP, and the Democratic Socialists of America, a group that endorsed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for president in 2016.

The NAACP also led the protest online by asking supporters to flood Twitter with the hashtag #AllTrumpsLies beginning at 6 p.m. and continuing until the end of the game.

Inside the stadium, the most notable anti-Trump action came from Alabama’s star running back Bo Scarbrough, who was caught yelling “F*** Trump” out loud.

It’s clear that Trump was not as welcomed as some may have claimed. Thankfully, protesters were able to get their message across without being threatened by pro-Trump supporters.

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