No One Likes Being Touched By Donald Trump

The White House hopeful may like to believe that he is a people person, but Little Miss Flint speaks the truth for all of us: back off, Donald.

Donald Trump, despite his unique hairstyle and eccentric facial expressions, does not come across as a warm person — or someone you would like to hug or shake hands with for that matter… and no, the word “intimidating” does not apply to him either.

As the photographic evidence suggests, people tend to lean away  or in some cases, recoil  when the foul-mouthed billionaire invades their personal space them. Be it the Little Miss Flint Amariyanna Copeny, who appeared half-scared, half-disgusted while meeting the White House hopeful, or Trump’s own son, who looked like he would rather be anywhere else than his father’s "loving" embrace, Trump causes more awkward hugs than Joe Biden.

Watch some cringe-worthy moments when the Republican nominee touched people and they did not appear to like it one bit, in the video above.

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