Noam Chomsky: GOP Is ‘Most Dangerous Organization In Human History'

Noam Chomsky is extremely worried about the future of the Republican Party.

Renowned political activist, social critic, and author Noam Chomsky made a foreboding claim during an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now on Monday. He believes that the current Republican Party could be “the most dangerous organization in human history.”

Chomsky discussed the emergence of the modern Republican Party and the cyclic pattern of candidates competing in its primaries—Trump is simply an “extreme” culmination of what has been occurring in Republican primaries for decades.

“Every time a candidate came up from the base—Bachmann, McCain, Santorum, Huckabee, one crazier than the other—every time one rose from the base, the Republican establishment sought to beat them down and get their own—get their own man—you know, Romney. And they succeeded, until this year. This year the same thing happened, and they didn’t succeed. The pressure from the base was too great for them to beat it back.”

This fracture between the base and the establishment has been deliberated at length by pundits, and it is a similar fracture to what we are seeing in the Democratic Party.

Chomsky explained that the Republican Party has veered so far right that they are “just off the spectrum…today’s mainstream Democrats are pretty much what used to be called moderate Republicans.”

Because of this wildly right-wing ideology, the Republican Party is unable to effectively tackle crucial issues such as climate change (which a majority of their leaders still claim is a farce.)

 This has made them the “candidates for the most dangerous organization in human history,” according to Chomsky. In regards to climate change, they are essentially “[racing] to the precipice.”

Similarly, their position on nuclear war is alarming—with their push for “increased militarization,” it could have horrific ramifications in the future.

Trump as the current GOP nominee, while comical, is actually exceedingly dangerous; pushing an already extremely right-wing party further right can only bring frightening consequences, as Chomsky succinctly points out.

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