North Carolina Cops Thought Meme Mocking Opioid Crisis Was Funny

The Henderson County Sheriff's Department found itself in hot water for sharing an offensive meme that poked fun at victims of opioid overdoses.

United States law enforcement officials are giving themselves a bad name with rampant incidents of misconduct.

One of the latest disgraceful acts came from a North Carolina sheriff’s department where a meme was circulated among officers making fun of people who overdose on opioids.

According to Raw Story, Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald issued a public apology for a tacky and inappropriate image featuring a hand squirting Narcan, an opioid antidote that is used to save lives, accompanied by the words, “Narcan: Robbing Darwin of his bountiful harvest since 1971.”

By relating drug overdose to Darwinism, the meme suggests that those struggling with addiction are victims of natural selection, lacking the necessary traits and skills for survival thus being unfit to sustain life or reproduce.    

While McDonald did not divulge who in the department initially sent the image, he admitted that it had been sent in an interdepartmental email back in May that focused on crime analysis. In his apology, he referred to the meme as “tasteless.”

“... [T]here is no excuse for it regardless of the intention,” McDonald told Western North Carolina’s WLOS. “I’m told it was an attempt at dark humor, but it was in no way humorous, and I know it does not reflect the true heart of the actual sender, or that of our staff and volunteers.”

However, the sheriff did not share what disciplinary action was taken against the perpetrator, maintaining only that “the issue has been dealt with appropriately according to our policy and guidelines.”

In other words, McDonald has dismissed the seriousness of this issue as a simple lapse in judgment, and the employee responsible for expressing such crude sentiments is being protected by the department and facing no real consequence. 

The fact that the meme was circulating throughout the department since May and has only just recently been brought to light indicates that this idea of humor is widely-shared within the department, which speaks volumes about the caliber of people we entrust in this nation to protect us. 

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