North Carolina Man Films His Own Murder On Facebook Live

Prentis Robinson, a local musician in Wingate, North Carolina, was filming his walk to a police station using Facebook Live. Moments later, he was shot dead.

A man in Wingate, North Carolina, videoed himself Monday using Facebook Live while out for a walk — but his use of the platform ended with him filming his own murder.

Prentis Robinson was taking a stroll Monday morning to the Wingate Police Station to report his phone stolen. He documented the entire walk using a different device attached to a selfie stick, and he even got footage of the chief of police telling whoever took his phone to return it.

“Bring his phone back so he can get on with his way today,” Chief Donnie Gay said into the camera.

After leaving the department, Robinson continued his video recording when he was confronted by another individual. Robinson could be heard telling the other person several times, “you on Live,” referring to the Facebook Live recording that was currently in progress.

That’s when the individual entered the screen for the first time. The camera moved quickly, and it was unclear what was happening until shots rang out, resulting in Robinson dropping his selfie stick and the device attached to it. The camera continued recording, facing upward, until another individual came to help Robinson. 

WARNING: The video below contains imagery that could be disturbing to some viewers.

Robinson died as a result of his injuries. The shooting prompted a lockdown for the nearby Wingate University. The lockdown order was lifted about an hour later.

Robinson, a musician from the area, frequently videoed himself using Facebook Live. His profile, which has since been converted to a remembrance page by the social media site, contains several such videos.

Police have not yet found Robinson’s attacker, and there is no known motive for the killing. According to his family, Robinson had just celebrated his birthday this past Friday.

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