Racist Teacher Yells At Bilingual Student For Speaking Spanish

“CMS is committed to providing a safe, social and emotional environment for learning at all schools for all students and staff,” the school said in a statement.


A substitute teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina went on a racist rant and told a student who was speaking in Spanish to “go back where you speak Spanish if you don’t want to speak English.”

The discriminatory incident, which took place at South Mecklenburg High School, was caught on camera.   

After the teacher’s orders, the student asked if he was being racist. To that the teacher replied, “I’m racist, right!”

A 9-second clip of the incident has since gone viral.

After the school administration learned about the unpleasant episode, they said the school district is looking into the incident. The school further said in a statement, “CMS is committed to providing a safe, social and emotional environment for learning at all schools for all students and staff.”

The incident, understandably, outraged parents and citing their concern the school’s principal, Maureen Furr, assured them that the teacher would no longer work at the school.

“This is Dr. Furr from South Mecklenburg High School with an important message. An incident occurred this morning in one of our classes, in which a substitute teacher engaged in a verbal exchange with a student over language. The incident was reported to me, CMS has been made aware and the entire situation is under review,” she said in message to the parents.

She further said, “At South we seek to create a safe and respectful environment for students and staff, and promote respectful interaction for all. We take accusations of bias seriously, and this individual will no longer be working at our school. You may see some news coverage about this situation shared through social media by students today. I wanted to be sure you knew that it is being handled.”

Students at the school criticized the teacher for his actions.

“For a teacher to just put a student down like that in school where you’re supposed to feel safe, it’s just not correct,” said senior Edwin Alarcon.

Other students said the unidentified teacher worked as a substitute for years and this was the first time he was engaged in an altercation.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident where a school teacher has exposed his or her racist thoughts.

Recently, a charter school principal in Florida came under fire after she posted racist memes to Facebook. The posts ranged from anti-black memes to a defense of Unite the Right leader Jason Kessler and one post in particular, quotes the lyrics of a Toby Keith song slammed in 2008 as a “pro-lynching anthem.”

In another incident, a white teacher in a school in Apex, North Carolina, was suspended after a video was posted online showing him comparing a black student to a slave and shouting "n*****" at that student.

It is terrifying to think that people who are meant to teach, educate and make a child a better person have racist mindsets.

Teachers are meant to know better and for them to be instrumental in spreading hate and racism is deeply disturbing and concerning.

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