CNN Report Gets Cut At The Mention Of Starving North Koreans

CNN reporter Will Ripley was speaking to “Out Front” host Erin Burnett from North Korea when his report was suddenly interrupted.


A few days after North Korea test-fired its ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan in a clear show of military prowess, CNN’s Will Ripley, currently present in the hermit kingdom, was reporting on the latest developments in the nation’s nuclear program.

When asked about the output from Kim Jong-un’s latest launch, Ripley explained, “People were celebrating on the night the propaganda broadcast…the video showing the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, standing by this mobile missile launcher, ordering the missile launch itself.” 

He also mentioned that North Korean officials informed him the missile was under development for the past six months.

However, just as Ripley started saying something about North Korea not being able to feed its people adequately, his report was suddenly cut off.

“This is a country, Erin, that continues to struggle with generating electricity, adequately feeding much of its population,” he was able to tell “Out Front” host Erin Burnett.

The Pyongyang-based reporter took the matter to Twitter, expressing dismay over the host country cutting off his report.


People were concerned for his safety, as evident from the responses to his message, and sighed with relief upon reading his tweet.





Following reports of Kim Jong-un’s missile launching, which caused international crisis, the supreme leader’s brother, Kim Jong-nam, was assassinated in Malaysia.

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