North Korea Executes General For Daring To Give His Troops Extra Food

Lt. Gen. Hyon Ju Song told his troops that the end of his country's nuclear program would mean more food for them. His words were viewed as seditious.

Kim Jong Un waves from his plane after arriving in Singapore.

North Korea has executed one of its own high-ranking members of its military for comments he made and actions he took providing his soldiers with added rations.

Lt. Gen. Hyon Ju Song, 56, was reportedly so excited about possible peace between the United States and North Korea that he told his soldiers that they would “no longer have to suffer and tighten our belts to make rockets or nuclear weapons.” He then instructed soldiers to distribute extra fuel and food to officers and their families.

He was later charged with abusing his authority, profiting the enemy, and conducting anti-Party acts.

His sentence? Death by firing squad. Nine individuals who were also serving on death row shot 90 bullets at Hyon, killing him.

The statements made by Hyon, who served as the director of the services inspection division of the People’s Armed Forces, were viewed as treasonous by the state.

This is the latest example of just how terrible conditions in North Korea really are. By slipping up in his comments, Hyon guaranteed himself a death sentence.

Hyon’s commentary may be premature as well — satellite imagery shows that Pyongyang is still developing its nuclear arsenal, contrary to the supposed agreement made between dictator Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump.

One has to wonder, given the execution of Hyon and the continued nuclear developments, whether Trump still plans to lavish praise on Kim.


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