Did North Korea Drug Workers To Complete A Building In Record Time?

According to the country’s state-sponsored media, Kim Jong-un’s soldier-workers are building a new floor of the modern Ryomyong Street complex every 14 hours.

From time to time, North Korea finds accomplishments to brag about. This is no different. Pyongyang is proudly boasting about the construction of a “miracle” 70-story building in mere 74 days.

The building is built on Ryomyong Street along a boulevard devoted to future scientists. The entire complex is intended to be a "green street," drawing power from solar panels and geothermal energy. The structure will also be topped with hydroponic greenhouses.

North Korean online news service Maeari touts the construction on "Ryomyong Street" as a "miracle" that's taking place despite "heavy sanctions."

"A dazzling miracle was accomplished," the media statement read. "Like [our] powerful missiles, the [street] is a source of strength and pride, another reason why the heads of our enemies — who try to block the progress of [North Korea] while running around with bloodshot eyes  will be rained down with showers of fire as punishment."

"When [North Korean] residents see the construction project they are filled with boundless pride and confidence, while feeling a soaring sense of strength and courage," it continued.

However, a source told Radio Free Asia the workers on the project were given drugs to enhance their performance and speed things up.

Radio Free Asia also reported graffiti found at the site, some of it mocking the "Pyongyang speed" ethos of hard work with scribbles that read "drug speed."

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, like his late father, is pretty fond of pulling off great feats in the form of construction projects.  The buildings, along with the oft-tested missiles, are used to impress the West with prosperity and modernity despite the sanctions and restrictions.

The construction is scheduled to put up 3,000 new apartments by the end of 2016.

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