Kim Jong-un Fights The 'Toxins Of Capitalism' By Imposing Dress Code

The paranoid Supreme Leader of North Korea wants to get rid of the “toxins of capitalism” by implementing a dress code.

As if it's not enough that North Koreans have to wear Kim Jong-un’s “ambitious” hairstyle,  now they now can’t even wear clothes his regime deems “Westernized.”

The cheese-loving Supreme Leader of North Korea has once again shown his tyrannical side by banning jeans, dyed hair, ponytails and piercings as part of a broader crackdown on Western culture.

The ban comes in response to the need for tighter controls ahead of the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party. The new law specifically targets North Hamgyong and Yanggang provinces, which share their borders with China and have much easier access to information from the “outside world.”

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Rimjin-gang, a North Korean news website that uncovered the ban, claims the tighter controls are part of the regime’s attempt to counteract the foreign cultural influences in the country.

Those who dare to break the new dress codes run the risk of getting arrested by an “inspection unit” — a gang of teenagers who have pledged loyalty to Kim and prowl the streets to enforce the dress code.

The unit — known as the North Korean Socialist Youth Union is made up of volunteers who sign up when they become 15 — is tasked with preventing “the corruption of public morals," which also includes preventing unmarried women from conducting businesses in the marketplace.

The socialist regime violently opposes what it dubs as “toxins of capitalism” and is known for sending people who display antagonistic behavior to his notorious labor camps.

The dress code is one of the more lax bans by Kim, if you can believe it.

Back in 2011, the Supreme Leader of North Korea decreed no one else can be named Kim Jong-un. Those who then already had the name were ordered to be “trained” for a different name.

Then there was the time when Pyongyang banned foreigners from entering the country and participating in its annual marathon out of fear for Ebola — long after all the other countries stopped jumping on the Ebola panic bandwagon.

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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: KCNA/via Reuters

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