North Korea Endorses ‘Wise Politician’ Donald Trump For U.S. President

The presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has received yet another endorsement from unexpected quarters.

North Korea Newspaper

Donald Trump is a “wise politician,” according to North Korea’s major newspaper, DPRK Today.

The editorial in the official state-run paper of Kim Jong-un’s regime called Trump a “far-sighted candidate” and urged the American people to vote for him over “dull Hillary.”

The author of the editorial, a Chinese North Korean scholar named Han Yong Mook, praised Trump over his xenophobic policies and implied he could help make North Korea’s “Yankee Go Home” slogan come true.

“There are many positive aspects to Trump’s ‘inflammatory policies.’ Trump said he will not get involved in the war between the South and the North, isn’t this fortunate from North Korea’s perspective?” said the author. “Yes do it, now...Who knew that the slogan 'Yankee Go Home' would come true like this? The day when the 'Yankee Go Home' slogan becomes real would be the day of Korean Unification."

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The article also welcomed Trump’s suggestion to have an open dialogue with Kim and referred to the billionaire mogul’s speech in March, in which he threatened to withdraw U.S. troops from South Korea and Japan if they do not increase their budget on defense.

At the same time, it called on American voters not to vote for the Democratic front-runner Clinton.

"The president that U.S. citizens must vote for is not that dull Hillary — who claimed to adapt the Iranian model to resolve nuclear issues on the Korean Peninsula,” the article read. “But Trump, who spoke of holding direct conversation with North Korea.”

In the past, Trump has referred to the supreme leader of North Korea in less-than-flattering terms. After calling Kim “a maniac,” Trump continued, “Frankly, the case could be made to let (Japan) protect themselves against North Korea, they’d probably wipe them out pretty quick.”

In January, Trump called Kim a “madman” with unbridled nuclear ambitions.

“You have this madman over there who probably would use it,” Trump said then. “And nobody talks to him, other than of course Dennis Rodman. That’s about it.”

Aidan Foster-Carter of the University of Leeds said the publication is a sign that North Korean government is “testing the waters” to support the GOP front-runner.

“This is very striking,” Foster-Carter said. “Admittedly it is not exactly Pyongyang speaking, or at least not the DPRK government in an official capacity. But it is certainly Pyongyang flying a kite, or testing the waters.”

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