North Korea's SNL-Style Show Mocking Obama Is As Awful As It Can Get

North Korea’s state-run Korea Central Television tried its hand at a satirical take on the U.S. President Barack Obama and his presidential secretary.

North Korean despot Kim Jong-un may have banned satire but that doesn't mean the state isn't producing its own.

If the clip below is anything to go by, the hermit kingdom has a lot to learn about satire:

The show also portrayed the lives of South Koreans, who are described as being “purged” and “oppressed” by their government.

“Are you all right Mr. President?” the North Korean actor playing the presidential secretary (visibly Asian) says around 10 minutes into the show, looking at the “U.S. President” (also very visibly Asian) whose head is covered with a blood-soaked bandage.

“I smacked my head on the bathroom floor and broke four tiles on it,” the “president” responds, “as I was so shocked from the North’s hydrogen bomb detonation!”

“So Mr. President, you were testing the hardness of your skull while the North was testing its hydrogen bomb?” the secretary says amid laughter.

Another part goes: “Mr. President, are you just going to let North Korea — who stabbed in our ribs  to do whatever they want to?” the presidential secretary says.

“I will zip the mouth,” says Obama.

“Zip who? North Korea?” the secretary asks, to which the president responds that he wants to “zip his own.”

“Zip yours, sir? Then which ‘hole’ will you use to talk and which ‘hole’ to eat?” asks the secretary.

At one point, Seoul’s special envoy enters the Oval Office and is described as the “dog of America” and Tokyo’s special envoy is called the “monkey.”

The show also tried its hand at ridiculing South Korea and describing the country as “corrupted to the root” and where the government “oppresses” its people.

“Scared by the South Koreans’ series of demonstrations against the deployment of the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, Park Geun-hye is rampaging like a mad dog and purging those who are anti-American cells. Let’s see how they are doing!” the host says.

“Granny Park in the Blue House is enraged as the anti-American sentiment is rising in the South,” adds the senior South Korean police officer, who is ordered to arrest anyone who “squints, frowns, punches” at anything to do with the U.S.

Later in the show, three South Koreans are detained by the police for “frowning on the U.S. beef,” “spitting in the bucket with a U.S. flag on” and “spreading anti-American quizzes” among the South Korean population.

These, ahem, "jokes" are as low-ball as they come, but the live audience is in fits — a good idea, considering North Korea's strict "must-laugh-must-applaud-or-else" policies.

According to a South Korean government database, this particular episode was televised on Sept. 1. Interestingly, volume nine of the show was aired in May 2012 and volume 10 was televised just this August, leaving well over four years between the shows.

This one was the 11th volume.

While North Korean media is known for its over-the-top condemnations of Washington and Seoul, as far as NK News can tell, this is the first time the North has explicitly used U.S. and South Korea-related satire in its comedy.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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