Cop Viciously Kicks 8-Months Pregnant Woman’s Stomach, Induces Labor

The officer said she “saw red and beat the s*** out of her.” She later reportedly said she didn’t “know who, but she kicked somebody.”



An off-duty cop in North Miami Beach was arrested after she viciously assaulted a “visibly pregnant” woman, causing her to go into labor.

According to the police report, Officer Ambar Pacheco, 26 and her 21-year-old sister Mikaela Pacheco got into an altercation with a Liberty City couple, a heavily pregnant 27-year-old Evoni Murray and her 40-year-old partner Joseph Predelus, outside a popular restaurant at Espanola Way.

It is not clear how the brawl started but according to officer Pacheco, Predelus kicked her sister in the face. That was when Pacheco launched her attack on Murray reportedly beating her up and kicking in her stomach.

The Miami Beach Police responded to a call by the victim and arrived at the site to find the 8-months pregnant woman in pain.

“I observed the victim to be in severe pain in her abdomen region and possibly having contractions,” the first responder said.

The Miami Beach Fire Rescue took the distressed woman to Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she delivered a healthy baby a short time after she arrived.

Police officers were able to quickly track down Pacheco who admitted to the brutal attack. The woman told her arresting officer when Murray’s boyfriend allegedly kicked her sister in the face, she “saw red and beat the s*** out of her.”

She later reportedly said she didn’t “know who, but she kicked somebody,” stated court documents.

Pacheco was charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, according to court documents and was relieved of her normal duty pending investigation.

The police officer had been with the North Miami Beach Police Department for less than a year, meaning she still hasn’t finished her probation period. She worked as a uniformed patrol officer.

Maj. Richard Rand, a spokesperson for the department said Pacheco’s internal files will be reviewed to see whether there had been other complaints against her during her brief time in the police force.

 Pacheco has previously also been arrested, according to Miami-Date court records, for petty theft when she was 18. She was referred to a pre-trial diversion program.

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