The World’s Worst Thief Hides 7-Ft. Venetian Blind — In His Pants

The man concealed the stolen venetian blind between one trouser leg and the hood of his jacket. Not very subtle for a thief, is he?


Police in Northampton, England, are looking for a man who was caught on camera escaping with a Venetian blind by hiding it down his trousers.

Bizarre CCTV images released by Northamptonshire Police show the suspect in an elevator of furnishing retailer Dunelm Mill trying his best to conceal the stolen, 7-foot blind between his trouser leg and hooded jacket.

Of course, the not-so-subtle shoplifter immediately attracted the attention of the store’s staff, who tried to follow him but he managed to flee before abandoning the blind.

Worst Thief

The local police are urging those with any information about the man to come forward.

"A man entered the store and allegedly concealed a Venetian blind down one trouser leg and up the back of his jacket,” said a spokesman. "He then left the store making no attempt to pay for the item."

Meanwhile, the unidentified suspect has become a butt of jokes on social media:






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