Norway’s PM Caught Playing 'Pokemon Go' During A Parliament Debate

Meanwhile in Norway, the country’s leading lady trolled the Labor Party leader by playing Pokemon Go during a parliamentary debate on Tuesday.

erna solberg

Just when it seemed that the "Pokemon Go" craze was finally phasing out, the game still remains a hit with certain world leaders.

According to The Guardian, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was “caught” playing "Pokemon Go" during a parliament debate in Oslo, Norway on Tuesday.

Evidently, she opened the game just as the leader of the rival party, Trine Skei Grande, began speaking. Ironically, Grande was also caught playing "Pokemon Go" during a parliamentary hearing back in August, as CNN reported.

Solberg sarcastically told Norway’s TV2, “I think that Trine will like that I opened the game while she was at the pulpit.”

Solberg, the 55-year-old conservative leader, is widely known to be an avid smartphone gamer. Her previous obsession was Candy Crush, but she has since moved on to catching Pokemon with its latest rendition.

The Local reported that Solberg only began playing Pokemon “the day after [she] gave two interviews where [she] said [she] didn’t play it.” Now she’s hooked, apparently, and even spent a good portion of a business trip to Slovakia hunting the little creatures.

Many Twitter users found Solberg’s prank to be amusing, and some offered hilarious commentary to her Pokemon stunt —which would be hard to beat considering she’s the PM.

However comical Solberg’s move may be, it would be nice to see leaders who genuinely show an interest in doing their job, rather than resorting to petty pranks or what Grande called “brain-dead” time wasters such as "Pokemon Go." 

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