Not Surprisingly, Trump Spokeswoman Was On Reality TV

Donald Trump's spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, appeared on the reality TV show "Sisters in Law," effectively proving that she's just as theatrical as Trump.

It seems the internet may have just learned why Donald Trump hired Katrina Pierson to be his campaign spokeswoman; she’s in the same business of snarky lies, deceit, and drama that Trump was in when he was starring in his own reality TV show!

Months before being hired by Trump, Pierson was filming her debut on Sisters in Law—a show much like that of Housewives of Orange County and the like. While attending a fundraiser hosted by Rhonda Wills, a civil rights attorney, Pierson is “outed as a black Republican.” This led to an argument between Wills and Pierson.

“Republican?” Wills says. “That is like, to me, a dirty word.”

Pierson tries to argue that the Republican Party was founded by black men, but Wills simply isn’t having it.

Wills eventually tells Pierson that she’s tired of her “ignorant opinions” and her “lack of knowledge on very basic things like the Civil Rights Act,” and asks her to leave. Right before she is ushered out of the party, Pierson says that “being louder doesn’t make you right.”

Check out a clip from Sisters in Law below:

Pierson has made another brief appearance on Sisters in Law, in which she explains to attorney Monique Sparks why she aligns with the Republican Party: "I did grow up on welfare. Now I'm a Republican because I survived the liberal system, the entitled system, the redistribution of wealth system."

Vice News points out that Pierson, “was born to a 15-year-old mother in Kansas, before becoming a political activist in Texas. After voting for Obama, she discovered the tea party and later became an active supporter of Ted Cruz during his 2012 Texas Senate bid. But when it came time for the presidential race, Pierson accepted a job with Cruz's main rival, Trump, who was eager to have a spokesperson with ties to the tea party on his team.”

As the show’s catchphrase goes, “Drama is always in session.”

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