'Nothing-Burger:' Why Van Jones Video Isn't Damaging

Project Veritas' latest video shows Van Jones repeating what he's said in the past during very public appearances, so why do right-wing commentators think it matters?

Van Jones speaks before the microphone.

UPDATE: CNN commentator Van Jones was all over the news yesterday as a candid video of him calling the Russia story a “nothing-burger” was uploaded online.

In an op-ed for CNN, Jones addressed the incident calling it a “hoax.”

“If you take any one line of my argument out of context, you can use it to pull off a hoax. That’s what [James] O’Keefe’s minions did,” he wrote.

He also argued that the video was produced to make him look like he's defending President Donald Trump.

“The notion that I think Trump is innocent of all wrongdoing in Russiagate is ludicrous. But perhaps the people on team Trump can afford to live in a fantasy world,” he added. “Did I mean that there is ‘nothing’ to the allegations that members of team Trump colluded with the Russians and then tried to cover it up by firing FBI Director James Comey? No – and far from it.”

While Jones stands by his previous public comments he also wrote that there must have been collusion between the president's campaign and Russian hackers.

“Putin is the only person (besides Ivanka) whom Trump never disses,” he added. “Given how Trump lashes out at everyone else, that fact alone is fishy.”

O'Keefe posted on Twitter recently suggesting that more videos should be uploaded in the near future.

Project Veritas' founder James O' Keefe released two undercover videos this week, but it was the footage showing CNN commentator Van Jones that appeared to be what everyone was anxiously waiting to see. Unfortunately for the investigative journalist, Jones' comments on candid camera were far from earth-shattering.

In the video, Jones tells an unidentified man holding the hidden camera that the Russia story involving President Donald Trump and those close to him is a “big nothing burger.”

"There’s nothing there you can do,” he then adds.


While O'Keefe claims that this particular video is proof that the news outlet that employs Jones as a commentator is intentionally inflating the president and his campaign's alleged ties to Russia, a CNN spokesperson issued only an “LOL” statement addressing the “explosive” video, The Daily Beast reports.

It seems as if O' Keefe may have not realized that Jones has already criticized progressives in the past for relying so heavily on the Russia narrative to push against Trump.

The Daily Beast adds, that less than a week ago Jones said in a video he believes Democrats are “fooling ourselves” if they truly think anything of worth will come out of the Russia probe.

“Unless there is a real smoking gun, which there probably is not, it’s just going to be a big old mess,” Jones has also said. “Meanwhile, we are not talking about jobs, not talking about poverty, not talking about solutions, not talking about the addiction crisis.”


In January, Jones said he didn't want to see anyone using the alleged Russian interference in the election as an excuse for why Hillary Clinton lost to Trump. Therefore, this footage of him simply reaffirming what he had already been very open about is nothing short of toothless.

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