NPR Is Training Reporters To Survive Trump Rallies

Donald Trump's campaign rallies have become such hostile environments that NPR is now offering its reporters training in order to survive the events without injury.

Donald Trump’s campaign rallies have become such a terrifying atmosphere that one news organization is offering its reporters training equivalent to handling war zones to endure the front-runner’s campaign events.

NPR has provided its political reporters with a 90-minute hostile-environment awareness training session, which is standard for journalists covering war zones and areas where terrorists are prevalent. According to The Washington Post, the “NPR’s scaled-down sessions might be called Trump Training.”

NPR would not disclose details of the training specifically to the Post, but senior vice president of news Michael Oreskes did say the training was “for ‘dangerous or possibly hostile environments.’”

Trump rallies are now notorious as the breeding grounds for violent clashes with protesters and reporters coming out beaten and bruised. Yet Trump appears relatively unfazed by the frequent assaults and instead encourages it with his continuously divisive language. 

It seems the political battlegrounds have become literal battlegrounds

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