NRA Claims It May Be ‘Unable To Exist’ Due To Financial Woes

Rolling Stone obtained legal documents which warn that the organization has fallen upon financial hardship and that it could soon “be unable to exist.”

Close-up of assault rifles displayed during the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits.

The National Rifle Association may be going extinct in the near future.

Rolling Stone obtained legal documents which warn that the organization has fallen upon financial hardship and that it could soon “be unable to exist… or pursue its advocacy mission.”

Most of this trouble stems from the NRA's contentious relationship with the state of New York and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The NRA has been embroiled in a lawsuit against Cuomo and the state’s financial regulators since May, accusing them of orchestrating a “blacklisting campaign” that has resulted in “tens of millions of dollars in damages.”

The gun lobbyist group claims it has lost insurance coverage which is “necessary for the NRA to continue its existence,” according to the court filings. They have not been able to obtain liability coverage, and without it, the “NRA cannot maintain its physical premises, convene off-site meetings and events, operate educational programs … or hold rallies, conventions and assemblies.”

Additionally, the group claims that their video streaming service and magazines may have to be shut down.

“The NRA’s inability to obtain insurance in connection with media liability raises risks that are especially acute; if insurers remain afraid to transact with the NRA, there is a substantial risk that NRATV will be forced to cease operating,” the group states, adding it “could be forced to cease circulation of various print publications and magazines.”

In the lawsuit, the NRA accuses New York’s government of trying to “silence one of America’s oldest constitutional rights advocates.” These accusations stem from New York financial regulators' decision to prohibit the sale of an illegal NRA-branded insurance policy, “Carry Guard.”

The policy would reimburse members for legal expenses incurred after firing a legally owned firearm. In May, however, the state found that the policy “unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for certain acts of intentional wrongdoing.” After that, the organization’s insurance partners agreed to stop selling the policies and pay a $7 million fine.

The NRA suggests that even after blocking Carry Guard, New York officials campaigned to break the NRA’s ties to several financial service providers, including various insurance companies and banks.

Back in April, Cuomo posted an anti-NRA tweet in which he said, “I urge companies in New York State to revisit any ties they have to the NRA and consider their reputations, and responsibility to the public,” a move which the NRA has deemed a “malicious conspiracy to stifle the NRA’s speech and induce a boycott of the NRA.”

The suit requests an immediate injunction to block New York officials from “interfering with, terminating, or diminishing any of the NRA’s contracts and/or business relationships with any organizations.”

If the court does not intervene, "the NRA will suffer irrecoverable loss and irreparable harm if it is unable to acquire insurance or other banking services due to Defendants’ actions.”

Cue the world's tiniest violin.

The NRA gets absolutely no sympathy for their money troubles. In fact, this is warranted karma for their role in the rampant gun violence occurring in our society. 

Regardless of Cuomo's stance, the NRA has prominent conservative politicians wrapped around their fingers, including President Donald Trump

As Cuomo previously stated, the group’s lawsuit is nothing more than “a futile and desperate attempt to advance its dangerous agenda to sell more guns.”

Alas, one valuable takeaway from this ordeal is that the state of New York has inadvertently laid out a potential model that other liberal states could consider emulating in an effort to actually bring down the NRA.   

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