NRA's New President Says All Iranians Are Liars

“The Iranians have been lying. Every time their lips move, they’re lying,” said the new NRA president Oliver North — a man who openly admits lying to Congress.


Recently appointed National Rifle Association President Oliver North was a key figure in the Iran-Contra affair involving secret sales of arms to the Islamic Republic, about which he admitted lying to the Congress — and now he is accusing Iran of the very same trait.

Though instances of the retired U.S. Marine colonel’s dishonesty are well-documented, it didn’t stop North from accusing Iran for being a nation of liars.

He appeared on the Fox News to discuss Israel’s accusations against Iran of carrying out attacks on their territory from Syria and veered away to blast the Islamic Republic.

“Never believe an Iranian — because if their lips are moving, they’re lying,” North told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

This wasn’t the first time North, who was also a White House National Security Council aide, accused Iran of being deceivers. While discussing Iran nuclear deal in “Fox & Friends” just hours before President Donald Trump opted out of landmark 2015 deal, the NRA president used the similar phrase.

“The Iranians have been lying. Every time their lips move, they’re lying,” said North, arguing that despite the deal, Iran continued to pursue its nuclear ambitions, citing, the country was working with North Korea on nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile programs until recently.

He went on to suggest Trump should impose sanctions on anyone who chooses to do business with Iran.

“If we sanction [Iran] again, we ought to sanction anybody else who does business with them,” North said. “That’ll stop the Euros from helping to bail them out while they cheat on this program.”

Though U.S. has withdrawn, it doesn’t mean the deal is dead because the nuclear deal was an agreement between Iran and the U.S., U.K, France, Russia, China and Germany — which means the Islamic Republic may even adhere to the conditions of the deal even after the U.S. pullout. That is precisely what Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced his country will do.

North's appointment as a president of NRA was met with widespread criticism from gun control advocates, given his role in the scandalous arm-trafficking incident as they fear he will strenuously battle efforts to restrict weapons. 

Moreover, for somebody who repeatedly lied to Congress and the American people about the arm sales and later even admitted to destroying official documents, it seems a little absurd he would call out an entire nation for falsehoods.

In connection to the Iran-Contra scheme, he was convicted on three charges that were overturned in 1991.

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