The NRA Wants To Debate Obama Now…After Refusing A Week Ago

Just a week after Wayne LaPierre refused Obama’s invitation to the town hall debate on guns, he has issued a proposal for a debate on guns with the president.


NRA president Wayne LaPierre challenges President Obama to a one-on-one debate on guns

Posted by Fox & Friends on Thursday, January 14, 2016


In a strange change of heart, just a week after NRA head Wayne LaPierre refused President Obama’s invitation to the “Guns In America” town hall debate (despite the fact that NRA headquarters were mere miles away), LaPierre has issued a proposal for a debate on guns with the president.

LaPierre made the announcement via a video on Fox & Friends' Facebook page, suggesting a “one-on-one, one hour debate.”

His proposals for the debate include “a mutually agreed-upon moderator, on any network that will take it. No prescreened questions and no gasbag answers.” According to LaPierre, “Americans will judge for themselves who they trust, and believe, on this issue. You, or the NRA.”

Considering most Americans support common sense gun legislation and an overwhelming majority are in favor of background checks, Obama would most likely emerge as the winner of this debate—background checks are the primary component of his gun reform policies. The NRA, however, has staunchly opposed comprehensive background checks at every turn.

The tagline of LaPierre’s video reads, “Let America Decide Who To Trust.” The choice between a biased gun lobbyist organization or a president who has shown interest in curbing gun violence and protecting the American people does not seem like a difficult one.

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