In Bizarre Video Rant, NRA Blames Progressive Media For Mass Shootings

An NRATV host disregards evidence that shows guns play a role in the increase of mass shootings seen across America. Instead, he blames progressive media.

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Most Americans recognize that there’s a gun problem in our nation. And a majority support reasonable measures to ban certain instruments of death, as well as to create stronger safeguards to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands.

While America is ready to admit we have a gun problem, the National Rifle Association is prepared to blame everything else, up to the kitchen sink it seems, for the gradual increase in mass shootings we have seen over the years. Case in point: a recent commentary one NRATV host made blaming liberals and the media for the last school shooting.

Colion Noir made such a startling (and errant) pronouncement in a recent video released by the NRA. The video, produced less than one week after a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, featured Noir asking, “[W]hen are we going to be completely honest and acknowledge the awkward, bullied, sexually frustrated, psychotropic drug-laced, suicidal, mass shooters in the room for what they are?”

That statement on its own suggests a handful of things to blame for violence besides easy access to guns. If those issues were truly to blame (and they are not, as “awkward, bullied sexually frustrated,” etc. individuals aren't committing mass shootings in other countries around the world), wouldn’t we want to make sure access to weapons was more restrictive?

Noir doesn’t stop there, however, and places the blame on violence on other subjects — including liberals and the media.

“[A]re we just going to keep acting like we don’t know what’s going on in the name of not confronting the miserable reality that [these individuals] are a creation of our so-called progressive culture and media?” he said.

He goes on to suggest that repeating the shooters’ names, which he insinuates only liberal media does, somehow encourages more people to become mass killers.

“Our moronic media and their blind pursuit of ratings will post every picture they can find of the shooter and repeat the shooters name habitually, turning the kid into a damn rock star within hours of the damn shooting,” Noir said.

Noir’s comments on liberalism and the media being responsible are beyond ridiculous, and they would be laughable were it not for the seriousness of the issue. They’re clearly not based in fact, as Santa Fe shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis had an obsession with far-right beliefs, as well as guns. That obsession is never acknowledged by Noir.

Furthermore, blaming the media for reporting the news, which includes reporting on the shooter’s identity, is faulty reasoning. It’s almost Harry Potter-esque, suggesting that, by avoiding naming a villain, we can prevent future tragedies from happening. But that book is a work of fiction — merely mentioning a name does not compel others to act out (a statement that shouldn't need to be explained).

Noir’s nonsense needs to not only be disregarded, but shunned entirely. It’s a blatant and transparent attempt to shift blame away from the problem of access to these types of weapons.

Yes, guns aren’t capable of violence on their own — but access to these dangerous weapons which allow shooters to kill dozens within a minute’s time needs to be addressed.

It seems the rest of America is ready to discuss that point. However, the NRA, as well as the politicians they fund in Washington, are more willing to come up with as many hair-brained excuses as they can to avoid that discussion.

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