Police Exercise In Australia Involves Attackers Wearing Arab Headdress

It was a powerful display. There was one problem though. Both the "attackers" were wearing keffiyeh, which is traditionally worn by Arab men.



Armed with fake guns, NSW police carried out a mock terrorist attack at Sydney's Central Station this week.

Two armed offenders "attacked" commuters on a passenger train while more than 160 cops, firefighters, paramedics and transport officers participated in the drill.

It was a regular training exercise. But there was one problem: both the "attackers" were wearing keffiyeh, a headscarf traditionally worn by Arab men, and many, including Izzat Saslah Abdulhadi, the Head of the General Delegation of Palestine to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, felt it was inapporpriate.

"The keffiyeh is a symbol of the struggle of the Palestinian people for their right to self-determination and freedom," Abdulhadi stated. "Terrorism does not have an ethnocultural identity. We are seeking a public apology from the NSW Police Force for this display of prejudice," he added.

In response to Abdulhadi's concerns, the police said they were not trying to stereotype members of any community, adding they had bought the attire from an Army disposal store as "jungle and desert colored camouflage."

Thumbnail Cedits : Reuters

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