836 Rapes Reported In Delhi In Just The First 5 Months Of 2017

Sexual violence in the city is reaching unprecedented levels.

In just five years, the number of reported rape cases in Delhi, India, has almost quadrupled, according to the data released by Delhi police.

In 2016, 2,155 rape cases were reported while in the first five months of 2017, 836 such incidents were reported. That equates to 5.5 rapes per day in the city.

These numbers do not include other sex-related crimes like sexual harassment, assault or use of criminal force to women with intent to disrobe, voyeurism and stalking.

In just 48 hours in the National Capital Region of the city, five rape incidents were recorded. Apart from these, two more incidents were reported in different destinations of Delhi.

However, these appalling numbers do not give the full measure of the deplorable women’s rights abuses in India.

Government initiatives to ensure women’s safety, including a women’s helpline and National Vehicle Security and Tracking System, have largely failed to curb rape and other sex-related crimes in India. Funds allocated for improving safety of women have also been underutilized for years.

Click the video above to check out the horrifying rape stats above.

Banner/Thumbnail: Reuters, Ahmad Masood

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