Nurse Once Fired For Using N-Word Caught Abusing Arab Patient

The hidden camera captured the senior citizen being slapped in the head, thrown carelessly onto his bed, and being rolled into a closet in his wheelchair.

In a sickening case of elder abuse, a so-called nurse was caught abusing an Arab-American resident at a nursing home where she worked.

Husein Younes, an 89-year-old Lebanese immigrant, was mistreated at Autumnwood of Livonia Nursing Home located near Detroit, Michigan. After complaining to his family about the abuse, his son, Salim, planted a hidden camera in an alarm clock in his room to record proof of his father’s accusations.

Sure enough, the camera captured the senior citizen being slapped in the head, thrown carelessly onto his bed, and being rolled into a closet in his wheelchair while also being called crass names. 

"We only caught two days of this horror show at Autumnwood Livonia, two days," said the Younes family’s attorney, Jonathan Marko. "He was there for approximately six months. He went in, in May, until his family saw the video in December and yanked him out as soon as they saw it."

Younes immigrated to the United States in 1995 and eventually obtained citizenship, however, Marko maintained that the abuse his client endured was racially motivated.

“He’s an Arab-American, and because of that he was targeted at this nursing home and horribly abused,” Marko said.

Adding credence to his claim, Marko also revealed that one of the abusive nurses, Tammy, was fired in Virginia from a previous job for using the N-word. However, all of the nurses depicted in the video are African-American. 

The employees caught on tape have since been fired, according to Raw Story. Tammy has also lost her nursing license in the state of Michigan. No criminal charges have been filed in the case.

Autumnwood issued a lengthy statement in which they asserted, “The actions depicted in the video are in no way illustrative of the quality care that is provided by the caring staff at Autumnwood on a daily basis. The employees identified from the video have been terminated, and additional training has been provided to all employees.”

Although the incident occurred back in 2015, it has come to the forefront this week because the civil trial is set to begin in June.

The treatment Younes endured is despicable. Criminal charges should most certainly be brought upon the nurses involved. We can only hope the family wins their civil suit. But after seeing the horrific tape, it would be tough to imagine any judge overlooking the blatant abuse Younes was subjected to.  

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Marcel Oosterwijk

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