Patient Sexually Assaulted By Nurse At Missouri Hospital

The nurse in question was terminated, and the hospital is cooperating fully with authorities, a statement claimed. The attacker's identity remains undisclosed.

Person holding a patient's hand.

A patient at Truman Medical Center's Lakewood Campus in Kansas City, Missouri, may have believed nurses were there to keep her safe. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case as at least one staff member tried to sexually assault her.

A local Fox affiliate reported that on Friday, police were called to Truman Medical Center at 2 a.m. after a medical care technician was seen walking into a patient's room, trying to force the victim to perform a sex act.

The incident was discovered because a nurse walked into the room at the time that the technician was trying to abuse the patient, who is unable to communicate verbally.

An employee who remained anonymous talked to reporters and said that the attacker had just finished school to be a nurse and had been an employee at the hospital for eight years. The assailant's name cannot be released until he or she is formally charged with a crime or until police officials are done investigating this attack.

On Sunday evening, the hospital said the alleged abuser was not allowed back to work. On Monday, the institution issued a statement saying that the nurse who caught the employee followed proper safety protocols and that both the police and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services were contacted. Both agencies are investigating this case.

The alleged attacker was terminated, the hospital added.

As the staff and hospital leadership cooperates with officials, the institution says it does not tolerate any employee putting the safety of its patients in danger.

It's terrifying to think that we may go into a place such as a hospital in search for help only to find ourselves in grave danger.

Hospitals have, for a long time, been under the spotlight over reports claiming that many patients end up being exposed to life-threatening issues while under the care of these facilities.

With this report of sexual abuse coming to light, it might be interesting to see whether authorities pressure hospitals to develop better safety protocols so similar abuse incidents don't become commonplace.

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