Nursery Rhyme Lockdown Instructions For Kindergarten Class Goes Viral

A mother was appalled at the need for her child to learn a nursery rhyme in order to prepare for a possible school shooting. Her photo of the rhyme went viral.

A poster in a kindergarten classroom went viral on the internet this week — not for its cuteness or its inspirational wording, but because it explained to young students, in the style of a nursery rhyme, how to deal with an active shooting attack.

The image of the poster was shared by Georgy Cohen, whose daughter will attend a school near Sommerville, Massachusetts, next fall. The rhyme is placed on a white poster-board, in colorful lettering, that reads:

Lockdown, Lockdown, Lock the door

Shut the lights off, Say no more

Go behind the desk and hide

Wait until it's safe inside

Lockdown, Lockdown, it's all done

Now it's time to have some fun!

Cohen said she was outraged by the poster.

“This should not be hanging in my soon-to-be-kindergartener’s classroom,” she wrote in the tweet accompanying the photo.

In a reply tweet, Cohen, noting the attention her picture received, asked those who were upset with the poster like she was to call their members of Congress and express their desires for better gun legislation.

Parents across the nation are indeed troubled over the apparent need for kids in classrooms to have to take extra safety precautions as a result of our lackadaisical gun laws. But lawmakers, from Congress to the White House, as well as the various statehouses across America, are doing next to nothing on the issue.

The solutions are simple: Restrict gun ownership from people who shouldn’t have guns; enforce background checks on every gun sale; and ban the weapons that are capable of killing dozens of people within a few minutes’ time. These are solutions that most Americans can get behind. We just need a Congress, and a president, who can embrace them too.

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