Kindergarten Teacher Caught On Camera Abusing Students Who Can’t Dance

No child deserves to be treated like this, let alone kids just trying to dance.

A horrible video surfaced on the internet, in which a nursery school teacher can be seen kicking and slapping two small girls who couldn’t memorize a dance routine for a Christmas event.

The inhuman incident occurred a few days before the festive holiday in Lu'an City, which is in East China's Anhui Province.               

In the video, a teacher gets increasingly infuriated as she makes girls ages around 4 and 5 years old practice a dance routine. She starts pulling the girls by the hair, followed by kicking and slapping them. 

All the other members of the dance group can be seen practicing in fear. After getting punished, the two are allowed to rejoin the group.

Naturally they still struggle with the dance, and the cruel teacher once again singles them out for the second time to slap and poke them.

Another school teacher can also be seen inside the classroom, but she did not take any actions to defend the kids.

The girls apparently told their parents about the atrocious treatment, after which they demanded for CCTV footage from the classroom.

The cruel teacher has been fired since the video’s awful revelations, leading parents to sue the school for damages and calling for the teacher’s dismissal. The nursery school is negotiating with the upset parents to compensate for the disturbing incident. 

People like the woman in the video actually don’t deserve to be teachers; teaching young children requires lots of patience and sadly the cruelty has become so common that people committing it think they can get away with it easily.

Earlier a Georgia special education teacher was accused of holding an autistic boy upside-down, then placing him head-first in a trash can.

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