Nursing Home Employees Arrested For Filming Elderly Women’s Death

Three women working at a senior living home had to look after an elderly, disabled woman but what they did was dreadful to say the least.

Three so called caretakers were asked to look after an elderly, disabled woman at a Georgia assisted living facility – but what they did was horrible.

Jorden Lanah Bruce, 21, Mya Janai Moss, 21 and Lizeth Jocelyn Cervantes Ramirez, 19, were ordered by their manager to take care of the elderly woman until a hospital nurse comes to take over. But instead of taking care of the 76-year-old patient who was suffering from a stroke, the employees reportedly filmed her in pain until she died.

The inhumane women then uploaded the video of the elderly woman’s death on Snapchat, with the title “The End.”  They were charged with “exploiting an elderly and disabled person.”

“One of them was smoking a vape pen. They were using profanities and (making obscene hand gestures) at the camera,” said a Jefferson Police Department adding that they were supposed to monitor the unnamed elderly woman but they ignored her.

 “They were completely ignoring her and posting the Snapchat video,” the spokesperson added. 

The trio was arrested after another employee discovered their criminal act after viewing the video on social media.

It is unbelievable that these young women who are pure evil, let alone humane, somehow, started working at the senior living home facility. Being a caretaker not only requires effort, it also asks for patience and compassion.

This is not the first incident where patients have been filmed by an ephemeral messaging app to post humiliating photos or videos of elderly patients without their consent. In 2015, ProPublica reported that it discovered 35 cases where employees at nursing homes and assisted-living facilities floated images or videos of patients. At least 16 of the cases involved Snapchat.

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