NY Daily News ‘Thanks’ The NRA For Its Continued Gun Lobbying

NY Daily News “thanked” the NRA Monday for allowing terrorists to purchase military-style assault rifles after the deadliest domestic mass murder in the U.S.

On Monday, the New York Daily News cover blamed the National Rifle Association for the murder of 49 and injury of 53 innocent people this weekend in Orlando.

The NRA has proven to be hypocritical by carrying on its promotion of the AR-15, a deadly weapon of mass destruction. A blog posted by the NRA just this January dubbed the AR-15 as “America’s Rifle,” praising it for its ability to be customized whether used for hunting or self-defense.

After the Newton school massacre in 2012, the NRA released a statement which said they were “shocked, saddened, and heartbroken” by the shooting — which left 20 innocent children dead — and were going to “help make sure this never happens again,” CNN reported.

Since then, major shootings have not only continued to occur but have escalated nationwide. In a time of mourning, the public is rapidly seeking someone or something to blame for this horrific act of hatred.

About three million variations of the AR-15 are known to be in circulation in the United States today. Sales of the .223 caliber assault rifle, which was used in the Newton and San Bernardino shootings, have increased since Newton. Omar Mateen is known to have legally purchased one last week. The ease at which mass murderers like Mateen can purchase legal, lethal weapons is appalling.

After lobbying by the NRA in 2004, the federal assault weapons ban of 1994 expired. For the 10 years prior to 2004, most forms of the gun were prohibited, according to NY Daily News.

What the nation witnessed on Sunday was a terrifying act of homophobia that could have been prevented if there were stricter gun control laws in place. The NRA’s ferocious level of lobbying must be taken to task by politicians and leaders.

The NRA has thus far remained quiet and has not yet released an official statement regarding the shooting. 

Photo credit: Facebook, Al Punto

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