NY Post Reimagines Trump's White House As A Game Of Survivor

Trump's White House is as messy as reality TV, a fact the New York Post pointed out in its recent cover, which restyled the administration into the game show "Survivor."

Trump cabinet members sit and meet around table in White House.

Reality television pales in comparison to President Donald Trump's White House. The petty disputes, nearly daily scandals, and ever-revolving door of cabinet officials and questionable characters makes for a show that's hard to turn off, especially since it impacts our daily lives.

The New York Post played up the mess with its recent cover: The Trump White House reimagined as the hit reality game show "Survivor."

The cover comes on the heels of a recent phone call between newly appointed Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and Washington Correspondent for The New Yorker Ryan Lizza, which the journalist made public. Their conversation gave a glimpse into the tensions between members of the current presidential cabinet and more than hinted at the government official's fear that someone, anyone, could be voted off the island.

The New York Post cover is a pretty epic one, and it deserves its place in an ever-growing line of publication covers drawing inspiration from the current president and his administration. Time has unsettled its readers with creative and hard-hitting cover art, and The New Yorker has taken their own stab at Trump's ego multiple times over.

Artists overseas have also seen the subject matter as too outlandish to pass up. German magazine Der Spiegel shocked the world with their controversial cover of Trump beheading the Lady Liberty and another depicting Trump's yowling head as an apocalyptic asteroid.

With another three and a half years to go, there will without a doubt be more.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Flickr user The White House

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