Trump Supporter's 12-Foot Statue Is Set On Fire

New York police are looking for the arsonist responsible for burning down a pro-Trump sign that was in a homeowner’s front lawn in Staten Island.

In the middle of the night on Sunday in Staten Island, New York, a Donald Trump supporter's lawn display went up in flames.

The massive “T”—which stood about one story tall at 12 by 8 feet—was burned down by an arsonist who apparently did not appreciate the pro-Trump message. The giant foam “T” was decorated with a bespoke red, white, and blue painting of the United States flag.

This is not the first time the homeowner has faced vandalism related to his political lawn flair. Sam Pirozzolo, the homeowner and proud Trump supporter, told the Staten Island Advance that two of his Trump signs were stolen from his frontyard just the week before. According to a new voting poll, 80 percent of Staten Island supports Trump.

Early Sunday morning, Pirozzolo’s neighbors alerted him that the foam sign was on fire just outside his house. Luckily, the fire department extinguished the flames before Pirozzolo’s house was damaged. The sign had been allegedly doused in gasoline before being lit on fire.

The New York Police Department suspects that the crime was arson, not a hate crime. Pirozzolo, however, thinks the incident should be investigated as the latter. He said, “I assume it was committed by a pro-Hillary supporter and I hope that this incident is elevated from arson to a hate crime, because that’s how I see it since it was done on my private property.”

The artist behind the sign made a good point about having tolerance for other viewpoints, and was of course disappointed that the sign he fashioned was destroyed. Artist Scott Lobaido said, “This is just out of control… I’ve been very provocative and controversial with my opinions and artwork, but this is just unfortunate that certain people can preach tolerance, yet it doesn’t work if it’s not what they believe in.”

It’s one thing to steal a sign, but attempting to burn down someone’s property for having unfavorable political beliefs? This anti-Trump vandal took the harassment too far. 

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