S(o)uper Star: This NYC Rapper Threw Soup At L-Train Racist

“This bigot called a group of teenage boys ‘n------’ on the train so I stood up and slapped him and everybody on the train backed me up.”

In recent viral cell phone footage, a white man can be seen hurling the n-word at a group of black teenagers in a crowded Brooklyn-bound L train.

Almost all the passengers on the train united to fight the bigot, but there was one woman who threw soup on his face, and stole the show.

According to a witness, the altercation started off on a “spat about personal space” between Paul Lawson and a group of black men. Lawson continuously kept calling the boys “n*****” and thought he was entitled to spew out hate because he was a lawyer.

“I talk shit because I know I can! I’m a lawyer! I went to NYU Law! F**k you!” he shouted.

A person can be seen trying to stop Lawson holding his hand across the lawyer’s face, telling him to stop. A woman who can only be heard in the footage dares Lawson to “say it again” before shouting, “This man is a racist!”

After people threw him off the train, he tries to re-enter to get his bag.

This is when a woman makes a dramatic entry and throws soup at the racist bigot. “Get off the train,” she said courageously, before kicking him off the train.

She has now been identified as Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, a rapper from NYC, who goes by the stage name of Princess Nokia.

It would be fair to say that she is now an internet soup-er star.

“This bigot called a group of teenage boys ‘n------’ on the train so I stood up and slapped him and everybody on the train backed me up,” she said. “When I slapped him he called me a n-----, and when I did all my brothers on the train came to my side and held my hand and comforted me.”

Princess Nokia later took to Twitter and explained the incident.



She went on to explain how she faces racism everyday, but how addressing the issue and stopping racism from happening is what actually counts




And that wasn't the first time she stood up for what was right. Previously, she reportedly punched a man at Cambridge University for sexually harassing her while she was performing.

As for Lawson, he reportedly called the video of the L train incident “unfortunate” and that he’s “getting help.” He went on to display his racism once again saying he was “not that sorry,” as he was “making a point” by using the racial slurs and that he was a “race-baiter … not a racist.” 

However, according to other reports, this wasn’t Lawson’s first involvement in such an incident. He previously taunted a black man with racial slurs. “He thrives on confrontation,” a source said.

Thumbnail Credits: Pixabay, bmartineseattle

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