96-Year-Old Woman Slams NYC Mayor In An Epic Rant About Sidewalks

“Listen, are there no inspectors? They should come out and find out. And some of these sidewalks are so broken up they need to be repaired.”

A 96-year-old woman from Harlem, NYC, stole the show at town hall meeting at the Police Athletic League Harlem Center after she blasted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for the lack of better municipal services.

The senior citizen, namely Catherine Nixon slammed the mayor while she was standing in her walker, but that didn’t stop her from letting Blasio know the condition of infrastructure around her home were pretty bad.

At the two minutes 31 seconds mark of the video, Nixon introduced herself before she launched a series of complains at the mayor.

She explained how the cracked and bumpy sidewalks at the local streets had “worn out three or four walkers” while she tried getting around her neighborhood. She criticized the sidewalks that regularly draw “pools of water” making it difficult for her and other people to navigate.  She demanded more bus shelters for all the residents.

Blasio, who was taken aback by Nixon’s strong criticism, tried calming her down. That’s when Nixon shot back, “Listen, are there no inspectors?” she shouted. “They should come out and find out. And some of these sidewalks are so broken up they need to be repaired.

“I want some service for the people of this city! I want service for everybody! We need service now!”

The mayor, stunned by the determination from a woman nearing 100 years of age, reportedly thanked her for her enthusiasm. “Sidewalks, I liked that — sidewalks for everybody,” he said.

But Nixon wasn’t impressed. As the mayor asked another person for a question after promising someone would look into her complain, the senior citizen continued raising her voice for a better infrastructure.

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