NYPD Reportedly Arrested A Homeless Woman For Taking A Shopping Cart

“They are arresting a woman on Greene for stealing a shopping cart. Glad all the new NYPD recruits are learning how stupid it is to be in NYPD.”


It seems the officers at NYPD had too much time on their hands as a video shot by a journalist shows more than 10 cops arresting a homeless woman in Brooklyn.

What was the alleged offense the woman had committed that prompted the group of law enforcement officials to scramble to the scene?

Apparently, she had a shopping cart in her possession that didn’t belong to her.

Journalist Nick Encalada-Malinowski posted a series of tweets of the incident that took place at Greene Avenue in New York City.

According to the Raw Story, NYPD confirmed the department got a call about larceny at Saint James Place where a woman had allegedly taken a shopping cart from a C town grocery store.

The police soon arrived at the scene and found the alleged culprit, later identified as Tiffany Vaughn. She was taken into custody and charged with petit crime.

The 42-year-old woman happened to be homeless, as her address was listed as a women’s homeless shelter.

Recently, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio instructed the city’s police department to stop arresting people who are caught smoking marijuana in public in an attempt to lower arrests for quality-of-life offenses.

However, there appears to be little clemency for people without homes – a crisis for which the mayor and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo faced widespread criticism, as they failed to address the escalating homelessness situation promptly.

In fact, last year, de Blasio even took the blame for the skyrocketing level of street homelessness in the city.

Malinowski posted more photos of over 10 “rookie” cops, along with the plainclothes, apparently deciding on what to do with the cart retrieved from the woman.




The journalist further gave an update on a woman and mocked the NYPD on its “big arrest.”



Moreover, people on social media criticized the department for investing so much on a seemingly petit crime while there are dire situations that needs the authorities’ attention.





It hasn’t been revealed as of yet if the woman arrested had any past record of crime as that might have explained the large number of cops on the scene for a mere shopping cart.

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