Armed Cop Screams ‘Go Shoot Heroin And Die’ Outside Addiction Clinic

The officer was responding to a minor scuffle outside an addiction clinic when he lost his temper and made the callous comments.



A disturbing video going viral on Twitter showed a cop pointing his gun at a group of people as he yelled at them.

In the footage, a gun-wielding NYPD officer can be seen telling a man to “take a f****ng walk right now.”

“There’s no reason to pull out a gun,” the man responded. The unidentified officer kept yelling while two other people walked towards him, in an apparent attempt to calm him down.

The cop then placed the gun in his pocket and made the worse comment ever: “Go shoot your f***ing heroin and die. Alright?” he said before walking away to the other side.

Apparently, the officer was reporting on a minor scuffle that took place near the Lafayette Medical clinic. The clinic specializes in opioid dependence treatment.

However, the NYPD officer’s misconduct in a failed attempt of community policing is the reason why the general public doesn’t trust law enforcement agencies. As it is, stories about police violence and brutality keep making headlines.

At a time when opioid crisis has hit a new high in America, a cop showing absolute no concern for people who might be fighting with drug epidemic only highlights the police forces’ lack of responsibility.  

There is not much to the video that is being shared on Twitter, and hence there is a lack of context. It may be possible that the three men who appeared in the video were the aggressors. However, even if that was the case, he clearly knew the cop clearly knew he was standing outside an opioid dependence treatment. The NYPD department has taken notice of the video. 

“The commanding officer has been made aware of the video and is looking into it,” the department stated.

People on social media were furious over the officer’s actions.






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