Video Shows Cops Slamming Man To Ground After Punching Him Repeatedly

In yet another display of police brutality, three cops were caught on camera handcuffing and punching a man they had pinned to the ground.

Facebook user Alexis Jasmin recently posted a video of a violent police arrest, once against highlighting the prevalent police brutality that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

The clip showed three New York Police Department officers – two males and a female – beating a man they had pinned to the ground, before proceeding to handcuff him.

The incident took place at a Bronx bus stop on New Year’s Eve morning. 

One of the police officers kept slapping the unidentified man in the head, while the other two handcuffed him and slammed him on the road.  It appeared as if the victim was bleeding.

As the video came towards the end, one of the police officer who punched the man repeatedly said something in his ear while pressing him against the police van.

There is no confirmation from the NYPD if the man has been arrested or what crime he committed.

“The matter is under internal review," said a spokesperson.

Jasmin expressed her feelings in the disappointing video showing distrust against the police.

“Please explain to me why the officer kept bashing his face like that. This is exactly why I hate the police,” she wrote. “His hands were already tied and he kept hitting the man in the face until bloody. RIDICULOUS!”

There are many good cops that save people and even lose their lives in the line of duty. However, such dreadful incidents are what draw away people’s trust from the police force.

Recently, a female police officer was caught on video in Southwest Philadelphia grabbing a 16-year-old girl by the hair and flipping her to the ground when she was only trying to negotiate.           

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