Honored NYPD Cop Claims He Was "Sleepwalking" When He Beat Up A Woman

Officer Eugene Donnelly reportedly broke into a woman’s apartment and punched her several times before going through her fridge and drinking milk.

NY Police

An NYPD cop facing misdemeanor assault and burglary charges just presented the court with a rather absurd reason behind his disgraceful actions.

Bronx police officer Eugene Donnelly, in 2014, reportedly broke into a woman’s apartment wearing nothing but his boxers and punched her at least 20 times before rifling through the contents of her refrigerator and drinking her milk. Ironically, the bizarre and violent exchange occurred just hours after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio honored the 27-year-old with the Police Combat Cross, NYPD’s second-highest achievement medal, for arresting a teen gunman in May 2012.

Now, a year after the assault, the cop’s attorney is trying to convince the court that his client was not drunk when he entered the victim’s apartment, but was merely sleepwalking.

As the New York Daily News reports, Donnelly initially did not report the incident because he thought it was just a dream.

“Our report shows that it wasn't an alcoholic blackout. It was sleepwalking,” claimed lawyer Michael Marinaccio.

Obviously, as any other sane and logical person would, Donnelly’s victim balked at the argument.

“It took them over a year to come up with this defense,” the 32-year-old exclaimed. “It’s ridiculous. He’s grasping at straws.”

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She also recounted the details of the night Donnelly allegedly attacked her before telling her to “just put a shirt on” and then, “sometimes I'm a good guy, but sometimes I'm a bad guy.”

Marinaccio is also trying to establish his client is going through mental trouble, with post-traumatic stress disorder, to be precise.

“On the best day of this guy's life, he does something so out of character,” said the lawyer. “Can we at least consider the possibility that something else is going on here?”

Donnelly, on the other hand, also admitted to prosecutors that he had been drinking again after battling alcoholism and was dealing with sleep-related issues stemming from the 2012 shootout.

“The sleepwalking is just a manifestation of a broader sleep disorder,” Marinaccio asserted. “He doesn’t know how he got there, he was in his underwear, no shirt, bare feet — it doesn’t make sense.”

Donnelly is scheduled to be back in court on April 21. The authorities have placed him on modified duty and stripped off his gun and badge pending the outcome of his assault case.

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