Elderly Woman Dies After Cops Leave Her In Smoke-Filled Hall

“I told them she’d been safer in the house with the door closed and that she wouldn’t survive in the hallway.” said the victim’s daughter.


A CCTV camera captured three NYPD officers carrying 91-year-old Ethel Davis after her building caught fire.

However, the officers allegedly left the elderly woman at the end of a heavily smoke-filled corridor. Davis died in the hospital the next day, according to the New York Post. The incident occurred in January and, now, Davis’ family is filing a legal notice against the three officers involved. Peter S. Thomas, the family's lawyer, said while the footage shows the cops as “heroes,” in reality they violated NYPD and FDNY protocol by trying to evacuate the building.

The victim’s daughter claims the building was fire-proof and there was no need for evacuation, adding it was gross miscalculation on the cops’ part that cost her mother’s life.

“When you look at the video in a bubble, it looks like they’re being heroes but you need to look at the big picture: They’re already violating protocol by attempting this evacuation. At each and every step, the officers on the scene did precisely the wrong thing,’’ said Thomas according to the Post.

Thomas also claimed the cops allegedly left the staircase door, leading from the 11th floor to the 12th floor, open and caused Davis’ floor to fill with smoke in the first place.

The victim’s daughter also told the New York Post that she begged the cops to let them stay in their apartment but the cops were adamant that they leave their fire-proof building through the smoke-filled corridor.

“I told them she’d been safer in the house with the door closed and that she wouldn’t survive in the hallway. When I got to near the stairwell, I saw her on the floor. I said, ‘Mama, what you doing here? Why they leave you here?’ I stayed with her as long as I could. It got so black, I was choking.”

NYPD Sgt. Timothy Brovakos, one of the three officers, fainted due to smoke inhalation. The lawyer for the Sergeants Benevolent Association, Andrew Quinn, claims the cop risked his life to save other people in the building. 

“He risked his life to save this woman," said Quinn. "This is what makes it difficult to be a cop these days. You run into a burning building to save lives and get blamed.”

The NYPD is reportedly conducting a major investigation into the incident.

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