'Get Out Of Jail Free' Cards Are Actually A Thing For New York Cops

NYPD cops are infuriated after the amount of cards designed to get their friends and family out of minor traffic violations for free, decreases.

New York Police Department cops are reportedly infuriated after being given less "get out of jail free" cards to hand out to family and friends than previous years. 

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, a large labor union representing NYPD officers that also provides them with the sneaky, get-away cards, has slashed the amount handed out from 30 to 20 for current officers, and from 20 to 10 for retirees.

Once these unofficial cards are handed out to the officers, they can be distributed to family or friends. The card's purpose is fairly simple: Holders are allowed to present them to an officer with the attached presumption that they are connected to the NYPD system and are then able to get out of being ticketed for minor infractions, such as parking and traffic tickets.

Just to clarify, this type of system is more commonly referred to as "criminal corruption."

While it may not seem like a huge deal on the surface, these cards are allowing a certain group of well-connected New Yorkers to become completely impervious to traffic laws that affect millions of other Manhattan residents. 

Seems totally fair. 

And even though the NYPD has created a biased, pretty much illegal system to benefit only themselves and their surrounding circle, the scandal doesn't stop there. 

Why, you might ask, has the number of cards handed out been lessened from previous years? 

Well, although many officers have claimed their source of frustration is not being able to use the cards for holiday gifts, it appears as though some use the cards for something else entirely. Some officers have managed to make some extra money by selling the cards on eBay, making profits up to and over $200, which the PBA cites as the reason behind the decrease in handed out cards.

And this decrease has not gone over well.

"They are treating active members like sh*t, and retired members even worse than sh*t," said one retired NYPD officer in an interview with the New York Post. "All the cops I spoke to were ... very disappointed they couldn't hand them out as Christmas gifts."

It's quite interesting that people who have the job of ensuring that everyone follows the law are actually using a perk of that position to break the rules and get financial gain. It's even more interesting that they then try to claim they are being treated unfairly when they are taking advantage of the privilege in the first place. 

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