NYPD Is 'Ready To Go' With Harvey Weinstein Arrest

NYPD officials have told reporters that they have enough evidence to actually arrest the disgraced Hollywood producer. Unfortunately, it's not up to them yet.

Actress Paz de la Huerta being photographed.

If the New York Police Department (NYPD) manages to make use of the evidence they have, disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein could soon be behind bars.

According to Robert Boyce, New York City’s chief of detectives, officials have enough evidence to build a sexual assault case against the former producer. Unfortunately for his victims, it’s still up to the district attorney to decide when and how the evidence will be used.

Now, Boyce said, the case belongs to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., not the NYPD.

“I would ask you to ask him,” he told reporters.

According to The Daily Beast, an officer with knowledge of the case has allegedly claimed that despite Boyce’s comments, they are “ready to go with an arrest.”

The investigation into Weinstein started after actress Paz de la Huerta accused him of rape in 2010. Since then, detectives have been able to interview her and other victims by traveling to Los Angeles and Paris. With a number of witnesses ready to testify and documents related to the victims’ medical and business records as well as their phones’ data in hand, officials might seek a private proceeding.

The fact that the Manhattan district attorney’s office was already on to Weinstein before but changed their minds about pursuing criminal charges may indicate that officials might not want to go after Weinstein this time around either.

However, even if Manhattan officials are not ready to go after Weinstein, in Los Angeles, the county’s district attorney’s office is reviewing at least five cases against him. Hopefully, at least one of the law enforcement agencies will be able to arrest him.

To think that an alleged serial harasser and rapist could remain free even after police departments in at least two different states have evidence against him is simply terrifying. But perhaps the attention these cases have gained will prompt officials to actually follow through this time around. At least, one can only hope.

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