NYPD Cops ‘Place Bets' On Labor Day Shootings On Racist Blog

You know things are really messed up when cops start placing bets on how many people would get hurt – or die – during Labor Day celebrations.

Anonymous postings by cops from the NYPD show officers “betting” on how many people they are expecting to be bludgeoned, “tossed from the roof” and shot during a pair of Labor Day celebratory events in Brooklyn.

The shocking comments were posted on a notoriously racist blog called Thee Rant.

“Place your bet's (sic) gentlemen, the mayhem is about to start,” wrote an officer who identified himself as Joe Bolton. “So what will be the final numbers for the 2016 celebration of a beautiful culture? This includes J’Ouvert and the parade.”

He then offered his own predictions: four stabbings, six shootings, one roof toss, two bludgeonings and five “a** stompings.”

Shootings On Racist Blog

Racist Blog

Another cop predicted 10 stabbings and six shootings that would result in five fatalities — with a smiling face emoji.

There was one post that betted on a politician’s murder  an apparent reference to last year's fatal shooting of Carey Gabay.

Gabay was Gov. Andrew Cuomo's first deputy counsel. He died during J'Ouvert celebration.

“Like last year hoping for one politician catching a stray round; maybe two,” the person wrote. “That would be nice.”

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Last year, four people were wounded in a series of shootings and a stabbing at the start to the annual J'Ouvert Festival, an annual Caribbean street festival.

This year, 250,000 people are expected to attend the celebration. Another 1.5 million people are expected to attend the parade on Sept. 5.

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