NYPD Officer Captured On Video Choking Woman During Traffic Stop

A YouTube video appearing to show a New York Police officer choking a woman during a traffic stop has launched an internal affairs investigation.

The 19-second video reposted on Saturday depicts a car driving by an apparent traffic stop as the passengers capture an NYPD sergeant choking a woman against a red sedan.  The video was originally posted by a different user on March 7.

The NYPD says the video is two years old and the officer in question is now a lieutenant.

“A preliminary review of the video revealed that this is not a recent incident, however it has been forwarded to Internal Affairs for further review,” an NYPD spokesperson said.

This harrowing incident is not the first time the NYPD has been accused of severe police brutality cases involving chokeholds. In July 2014, Officer Daniel Pantaleo was caught on video using a chokehold on Eric Garner. Garner subsequently lost consciousness and died from a heart attack as a result of the sheer brunt of the chokehold.

This video, coupled with Garner’s death, demonstrates a clear pattern of abuse and lack of discipline in the NYPD. While the police department says they are investigating the incident, it is not likely much will be done. A report by the inspector general’s office found the NYPD does not regularly hold officers accountable for using the prohibited tactic. Out of 10 cases from 2009 to 2014, the NYPD did not discipline officers but instead merely instructed them on department policy. Abuse of power and unfair treatment of suspects is barely met with a slap on the wrist, while lives are lost in the process.

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Banner image credit: YouTube screenshot

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