NYPD Received 18 Percent More School Threats This Year Than 2017

According to a NYPD spokeswoman, schools received threats via emails, letters, phones and social media postings.

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To no one’s surprise, the problem of school violence has increased in America over the years. One after another school shooting proves how violence at educational institutions is becoming common in the country.

The NYPD reportedly received 282 reports of school threats in 2017. This year the number increased by 18 percent and the number of threat reports received by the department jumped to a whopping 334.

The police department did not specify the number of arrests made in connections with these threats. However, the problem of violence in schools is getting out of hands. Just a month after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that killed 17 students in Florida, another shooting took place at the Santa Fe High School in Texas, claiming 10 lives and injuring dozens more.

Schools in NYC reported threats for three consecutive days to the NYPD after the Santa Fe shooting.

Firstly, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory on West 93rd Street – the school that Barron Trump used to attend — was evacuated after “shooting at 12:45” was found written inside a girls restroom stall. The police are investigating the case. The school resumed from the very next day.

Then, the principal of MS 279 on Walton Avenue in The Bronx called 911 to report a student who gave this warning, “You watch. I’m going to shoot you all down.” According to sources, the 13-year-old was infuriated after a classmate mocked him for an Instagram page where his mom displayed tattoos. The cops later found a video of the same boy learning how to fire a weapon at a shooting range.

Lastly, cops rushed to the Aviation High School in Long Island City, after a student allegedly Snapchatted a photo of guns, knives and rifles with the caption: “I’m going to napalm the school.”

According to a NYPD spokeswoman, schools received threats via emails, letters, phones and social media postings.

After the deadly Florida school shooting, tens of thousands of children across the country, marched for their lives, advocating for stricter gun laws and to put an end to school shootings. However, the lawmakers have failed to address the epidemic of gun violence in the country – and the magnitude of the problem is getting bigger day by day.

According to non-profit organization Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been more than 300 school shootings in America since 2013.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: Reuters, Lucas Jacskon

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