What Happens If You Try To Block President Obama’s Motorcade

President Obama paid a visit to New York to make an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.” But this oblivious man apparently didn’t know that.

New York police officers tackled an oblivious bike rider as he attempted to cross a road block set up for President Barack Obama’s motorcade.

Daniel Provencio, 59, was heading toward East 50th Street on his Citi Bike around 6 p.m., just a few moments before the president’s motorcade was scheduled to pass by.

The frantic police officers tried to signal the biker to stop as he approached the police line at the intersection of Park Avenue and 50th Street, but the unaware biker did not respond to their orders quickly enough.

The cops sprung into action and knocked Provencio to the ground. Seconds later, the video shows the motorcade zooming past the intersection.

The sergeant who tackled the man turned him over on his stomach and proceeded to handcuff him as cheers burst from the crowd waiting for the POTUS across the street.

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Provencio was briefly detained by the police officer, and received a summons for disorderly conduct.

President Obama visited New York to attend a fundraiser and to make an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.” During the show, he said he hoped to see an end to the division between the two Democratic hopefuls, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and said it might be some time before they can show a united front against Donald Trump.

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