Drunk Cop Assaults Couple, Then Sues City Citing ‘Violation Of Rights’

The cop drunkenly barged into a couple’s home, kicked the husband in the stomach and threw the man’s wife out onto the pavement.



An Oakland police officer who drunkenly barged into a couple’s home and assaulted them is now suing the city because he lost his job over his bad behavior.

Cullen Faeth, 32, was arrested after a Dec. 7, 2015, incident and charged with five criminal misdemeanors. On the night of his arrest, Faeth drank heavily at a bar with some other off-duty cops. He then drunkenly went outside and ended up at the home of Nemesio and Olga Cortez in Oakland Hills.

Olga Cortez, who herself has been an Alameda County probation officer for almost two decades, was taking a shower when Faeth banged on her door. When her husband went out to investigate, Faeth kicked him in the stomach, then burst inside and tackled Olga to the ground.

The commotion attracted neighbors who held down Faeth and called the police.

Faeth was placed on paid administrative leave along with three other officers. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office charged Faeth with public intoxication, trespassing, disturbing the peace and battery. After a plea bargain, Faeth’s punishment was reduced to just a day in jail and probation until March 2021. However, he lost his job because of his bad behavior.

Now, the unruly former police officer is filing a lawsuit against the city, accusing the Oakland police and the prosecuting attorneys of “cherry-picking” evidence. He also said they also hid “exculpatory” material that was necessary to his case and provided only selected evidence. He accused them of not providing him evidence of his bad behavior, including CCTV footage and 911 recording, until the day of his disciplinary appeal hearing. As a result, his rights to demand an appeal for his firing were violated.

Faeth's attorney, Alison Berry Wilkinson, also stated the police department relied on “hearsay” and did not call the witnesses, the Cortezes, to testify at his trial so she could cross examine them.

The former cop is now asking Oakland to pay him his lost wages plus benefits from the day he was fired in 2016 till the present day, which amounts to $144,721. He also wants his record expunged.

It is just another example of how entitled some cops are. Faeth acted like a common criminal by barging into people’s house and then assaulting them for no reason. For his crimes, he was given a virtual slap on the wrist with just a single day in jail. The loss of his job was due to his own disgraceful behavior. However, instead of showing remorse for his completely unbecoming behavior, the former cop is now feeling he was denied justice.

That is shameful indeed.

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