Oakland Cop Blames Sexually Abused Woman For Officer's Suicide

The woman who was sexually abused by multiple Oakland cops allegedly received text messages blaming her for the suicide of one of the involved officers.


As the Oakland, California police department is under investigation for sexually exploiting a teen girl whose mother worked for them, disturbing details continue to come to light.

One of the officers who preyed upon the minor allegedly committed suicide last year before the scandal officially broke. According to reporters from the East Bay Express, the young woman  known as “Celeste Guap" — is being blamed by his comrades for his death.

The Express recently uncovered text messages between Guap and one of the accused officers that indicated she was responsible for his colleague's decision to take his own life.

"I'm going to kill myself now," the officer, identified by the Express as Terryl Smith, reportedly told Guap."You did it again ... I hope you feel good two for two. You're the devil."

Although Guap has been labeled a “teen prostitute” it doesn’t, in any way, excuse the officers’ behavior — especially considering the fact that prostitution is illegal altogether in California and Guap was underage at the time of at least three encounters.

It is utterly disgusting that these officers would rather blame this young woman than take accountability for their foul actions. 

They are employed to uphold the law, meaning they know right from wrong.

As a result of this shocking incident, all of the involved officers are facing shame, embarrassment, public ridicule, stigma, legal action, and countless other irreversible repercussions that could lead to someone becoming suicidal.

But, make no mistake about it, Guap was and still is a victim.

The investigation is ongoing, but Oakland police have been reluctant to offer statements to media.

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @Libertea2012

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