Underage Sex Scandal At Oakland PD Much Worse Than Imagined

The Oakland Police Department is in chaos after nearly a dozen of its officers are implicated in a sex scandal.

Following a sex scandal involving a number of police officers and an underage sex worker, a fifth Oakland police officer has now been put on administrative leave

"The Oakland Police Department can confirm that another officer has been placed on administrative leave as part of our ongoing investigation into the alleged sexual misconduct case involving Oakland police officers," according to a Police Department statement. "The Internal Affairs Division will continue to investigate all of the misconduct allegations."

This comes just days after June 9, when Police Chief Sean Whent resigned from the department under pressure from the department's federal overseer, Robert Warshaw. Whent and his wife both knew about the misconduct by officers in the police department, but they did not bring the information to anyone else’s attention, and Whent didn't act to restore discipline and ethical behavior among his officers.

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The woman at the center of the sexual misconduct scandal, Celeste Guap Celeste Guap, gave an interview to East Bay Express on June 11, stating that she had sex with 24 police officers, 14 of who belonged to the Oakland Police Department. The now 18-year-old Guap, who lives in Richmond, California, has openly posted about her sexual encounters on Facebook, calling them “harmless.”

Apparently, three of her sexual encounters with these officers took place when she was underage. Moreover, of the 24 officers she was sexually engaged with, two of them even gave her access to confidential police information. She also revealed that a retired OPD captain in his 80s paid her $250 to have sex with him in a motel.

The retiree receives a $125,000 pension from the city, and admitted that he slept with a girl he found on Facebook,  stating that she was friends with many other officers on the social media site.

“Please don’t publish my name. I will die. I have a heart condition,” he requested the East Bay Express, and so the paper left him anonymous.

Revealing more information, Guap said that upon becoming legal, she engaged in sexual activities with officers belonging to the Richmond Police Department, the Alameda County Sherriff’s office and a Livermore officer, along with Stockholm-based law enforcement workers.

Last year, police officer Brendan O’Brien, who happens to be the first cop Guap had sex with, killed himself. However his suicide did not bring about an investigation into the matter. A suicide note he left behind named Guap and several other police officers involved in the sex scandal.

“I think cops are fine. They’re cute and all, but it’s like one less officer that’s gonna arrest me,” she told the East Bay Express.

Guap also pointed to Office Terryl Smith, who resigned this year, stating that he shared arrest records and confidential information with her. Smith, who used to sleep in his car in the OPD parking lot, had sex with Guap every Saturday night for three months.

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The sex scandal has understandably caused havoc in the police department, which federal authorities are now monitoring, since supervisors did not efficiently deal with officers and their misconduct.

The officers had nicknamed Guap as “juve,” which is a shorter term for juvenile, and continued having sex with her even though they were well aware she was underage.

“They were my protectors,” Guap said. “I didn't have a pimp at the time. It did make me feel safer, having them.”

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