Obama Handles Pro-Trump Heckler In The Best Possible Way

We all need to follow Obama's mantra: Don't boo — vote.

President Obama lost his cool with a pro-Clinton crowd in North Carolina when they began to disparage a guy who had turned up at the event holding a "Trump for President" sign.

“Hey, listen up”, Obama said several times, his pleas falling on deaf ears.

Obama grew angrier by the moment, as the attendants at the rally continued to boo at the white man in a veteran’s uniform to support Trump.

"I told you to be focused, and you're not focused right now. Listen to what I'm saying," Obama told the crowd.

However, the Trump supporter, who was desperately trying to make a point by disrupting the rally, continued to garner more attention than the president.

Obama, however, defended the man, saying the crowd should respect an older gentleman supporting his candidate.

“He’s not doing nothing.” Obama assured the rally-goers. “You don’t have to worry about him.”

Once in control of the rally, Obama listed the reasons the crowd should just let the Trump supporter be.

“First of all...hold up, hold up.” Obama said. “First of all, we live in a country that respects free speech.”

Obama then chastised the attendants for booing at a veteran. The man had two patches on his jacket, signifying that he was a member of the 101st Airborne. One represented the "Screaming Eagles," the other was an Airborne Special Forces patch. The jacket also sported a Purple Heart, Bronze Star and what looked like a Commendation Medal.

“Second of all, it looks like maybe he might have served in our military, and we've got to respect that.”

Obama’s response stood in marked contrast to Trump’s attitude toward veterans. In fact, Obama went on to point out Trump’s lack of respect for veterans.

“We can't afford a commander-in-chief who insults POWs, who attacks a Gold Star mother, who actually talks down our troops, says he knows more than our generals,” Obama said, reminding the audience of the many times Trump had disrespected the troops.

Obama also told the audience about his first day at the job.

“I had to sit down with somebody who explained this whole nuclear thing. It will sober you up,” he said. “It’s serious business.”

“We can't have somebody like that handling our nuclear codes. We can't have somebody who gets upset because 'Saturday Night Live' does a skit about him and starts tweeting at three o’clock in the morning. That's not the temperament that you want for somebody who has got the nuclear codes.”

Ending the scolding, Obama said, “And fourth of all, don’t boo…”

“Vote,” the crowd completed the chant.

Trump jumped at the opportunity to deride Obama, despite the fact the president defended his supporter.

Speaking at a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump lied and said, “He spent so much time screaming at this protester and frankly, it was a disgrace.”

Trump, who previously kicked out a black supporter and called him a "thug," also aired his grievances against the media and commentators.

“There was a protester and a protester that likes us. And what happened is they wouldn't put the cameras on him. They kept the cameras on Obama ... He was talking to a protester, screaming at him, really screaming at him. By the way, if I spoke the way Obama spoke to that protester, they would say he became unhinged.”

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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